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Well, it’s happened. The marketing folx have run out of catchy acronyms and names. The just couldn’t come up with something clever to describe the ‘next new thing’ and just started using the name of the scribbled out representation they’ve used for years to represent something new, the proverbial black box, step2, etc.

And so Cloud Computing is born. There are no strict definitions; everyone sees something different in a cloud anyway. Ask any CTO/CIO/Consultant type and I’m sure you’ll get a different answer, though they’ll all tell you that’s where everything is headed ( and most will offer to assist you in getting there ).

When you name something after something else, the name itself becomes a metaphor, and from what I’ve seen so far, I think the name is apropos for many reasons. Clouds in nature come in a lot of different types. There’s a lot of knowledge about clouds, but in general they aren’t completely understood by anyone. Clouds serve several vital functions in the environment. However, Clouds also bring with them the potential for nearly infinite destruction, everything from Tornados to floods and droughts. Most significantly though, Clouds remain an untamed force of nature, uncontrolled by mankind.

So before you bump into that silver lining (those things can leave quite a mark), know that when it clouds up, it’s going to rain all over something.

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