iPhone 3gs

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Apple recently released the updated iPhone, dubbed the 3gS. It’s somewhat pointless for me to provide a review as there are many out there already. Instead I’ll just make some predictions. The value to the consumer of the new features and speed will be underestimated, just as the multi-tasking ability of the PalmPre is overestimated. The well done video camera with built-in remedial (but easy to use) editing, combined with the ability to instantly publish the videos will make it the defacto device for media sharing. The often ingnored, but fascinatingly accurate voice control system easily matches (or exceeds) Microsoft’s in-car ‘Sync’ system, rendering that embedded market segment moot once again. All the new features and speed will be copied by BB and other rivals within a few months, but in cumbersome manner as usual. 3.1 and 3.2 versions of the OS will smooth out existing small glitches in the OS (and API set), as well as introduce a few new capabilities.

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